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“Teachers Together” is a charitable foundation established with the aim of uniting Ukrainian educators in order to create new educational centres and opportunities for professional development during and after times of war. It aims to assist the teaching community in crisis situations, provide psychosocial support for teachers and students, support and nurture children, and contribute to the future of a free and independent Ukrainian state.


About us

When four Ukrainians meet, three of them are volunteers.

When four Ukrainian teachers meet, all of them are volunteers

The founders of the “Teachers Together” consist of a team of like-minded teachers, lecturers and managers who share a common goal - to foster collaboration among Ukrainian educators from different regions (south, north, west, and east) to support and enhance education in Ukraine. They believe that quality education is essential for the future of our country.

Our projects

A teacher joins the Armed Forces of Ukraine

This project has successfully united hundreds of educators from across the country. The phrase "Victory is our joint project" serves as a testament to the community's commitment in supporting educators within the Armed Forces.


Project goals:

  • assistance and support to military educators serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

  • assistance to affected military educators and their families (treatment, rehabilitation)

In a span of six months, the project successfully provided assistance to over 50 military educators from various regions of Ukraine and established a dependable support system.

We procured and provided support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by acquiring 5 vehicles, including 2 T4s, 2 SUVs, and one pickup truck. Additionally, we supplied them with over 10 thermal imagers, assault rifle sights, optics, rangefinders, night vision devices, load-bearing systems, body armor, helmets, headphones, radios, generators, as well as winter and autumn uniforms, boots, and other essential equipment.

Partners of the foundation

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