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Everything must be of higher quality

May 4, 2022 is the day the community was created! 

💛 Teacher Goes to the Armed Forces of Ukraine💙

We thought about this fund before, but now it's time to act.  Many educators are already on the front lines, and some are getting ready to go.  And we all know about the equipment problem.

Basic equipment: body armor + helmet + unloading vest

Up to this point, we have been able to find options that have already been paid for by someone else but now it is time to raise funds. I have created a special card to provide full reports on the donations.

So, dear friends, here’s what we have:

A head teacher's assistant, a math teacher, a physical education teacher. All from the Chernihiv region.

And now we are going to look for the best options and buy 3 body armor and 3 helmets.  Everything must be of the highest quality."   

This collection is where the community story began.

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